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  • Experienced Professional Saltwater Aquarium Cleaning Service and Maintenance.


  • New Tank and Filtration System Sales and Consulting Available.


Looking for a professional in Illinois to install or perform cleaning and maintenance on your aquarium, businesses or residential?  We offer very competitive pricing. Contact us today for a quote.

At Untouchable Pets, we take pride in providing personalized service to all of our clients. Each client and each aquarium requires individualized specific care and maintenance.


Whether you are looking to purchase new or setup your existing aquarium, we can provide you with state of the art filtration systems, decoration and fish as well as tank maintenance.


We look forward to setting up or servicing your aquarium system. Should you have additional questions please feel free to contact us.





Welcome To Untouchable Pets, Inc.

We offer professional saltwater and fresh water fish tank cleaning and maintenance services for the city and suburbs of Chicago Illinois. Our experienced professional staff meet the servicing needs of every type of aquarium, from the 10 gallon tank to the most sophisticated aquariums in large restaurants, offices, and homes. We handle cleaning, repair, setup, moving, design, sales, and installation professionally.


Untouchable Pets has over 20 years of experience with saltwater and fresh water tanks and aquariums. Our professional team has veteran experience with tank and filtration designs, installations, moves, take downs, cleaning, maintenance, and mechanical repair. We have experience creating, maintaining, and servicing fish tanks that are up to 2000 gallons. We setup and service any type of indoor-outdoor water art as well including waterfalls and waterwalls.

The professionals at Untouchable can have your aquarium cleaned and looking as fresh as the day it was new! We offer complete cleaning of the tank, hood, ornaments, plants, rocks, and gravel if necessary or desired. We clean and maintain Fresh and Saltwater aquariums in the Northeast Illinois area including Reef tanks.

Our Services

  • Water testing of PH, Nitrate Ammonia, Salinity, Calcium, Alkaline, Magnesium.
  • Gravel vacuuming.
  • Filtration system setup and repair.
  • Internal and external fish tank cleaning.
  • Glass and acrylic Polishing. Scratch removal.
  • Monitor health of fish.
  • Care to fish if disease is present.
  • Water changes (20%).
  • Fish, coral, and live rocks ordered as specified and delivered with a competitive pricing.
  • Resolve any problematic issues such as cyanobacteria, algae, and parasites.
  • Professional consultation and estimates of all suggested services before work is done.
  • Installation and Setup of any tank.
  • Custom tanks designs.
  • Tank moves and tear downs.
  • Specialists in food chains and contained environments.


Our Advantage

Untouchable Pets is the salt water aquarium pros with over 20 years of experience in servicing and installing aquariums throughout the Chicagoland and North suburbs of Illinois.


Our company specializes in saltwater aquarium health and upgrades. Our professional experience and service for aquariums and marine life is unparalleled.


Untouchable Pets serviceman focus on helping our clients understand how and why each service is performed. We can help you with any aquarium questions or issues.


Untouchable Pets aquarium cleaning service takes the time to explain everything in detail so that our clients understand all their options.

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